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Isabela Estrada



About Me

Hi! I'm Isabela Estrada (she/they), a Latina actor based out of Tampa, Florida. My love of performing began when I started ballet at the age of 3. I have been acting since I was 6 years old, doing plays in my elementary school chorus and putting on shows for my family. Recently, I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Acting at the University of Florida.


Actor, Artist, Activist.

When I'm not acting, you can find me painting, writing, modeling, or volunteering. I am truly passionate about the intersection between the arts and advocacy. I use my art to speak out, whether it's painting about the realities of sexual assault, modeling to raise awareness for BFRBs, or starting a business making bracelets to raise money for charities. With a minor in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, I also care deeply about the environment. Let's work together to make the world a better place with our artistry!

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